Gear Pump Acrylic & Drives

6 to 80 cc/rev.
Trunnion Mounted
Single or Twin Stream

15 to 200 cc/rev.
Foot or Block Mounted
Single or Twin Stream

125 to 500 cc/rev.
Foot Mounted
Flange Ports

General Operating Parameters:

  • Viscosity 200 to 1000 poise
  • Speed 10 to 60 r.p.m.
  • Inlet Pressure 3 to 10 bar
  • Outlet Pressure 10 to 30 bar
  • Temperature 80 to 100° C


0.15 to 6000cc/rev. outlet options to suit installation.

Our vast knowledge of the Acrylic process including the solvents used and the special materials and coatings needed to combat potential corrosion issues.

This means we can offer an entire range of Acrylic solutions, from small laboratory test pumps, up to large capacity transfer and slurry pump


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